A Pandemic that has me questioning everything!

“We are not in control, there is nothing to do but to follow the mandate”


Every person has a role to play. So much of protecting yourself and your family comes down to “common sense“: 

  • Washing hands with soap and water.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. If surfaces are dirty, clean them using detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.
  • Avoiding touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your elbow.
  • Avoiding close contact with people who are sick.
  • Staying away from work, school or other people if you become sick with respiratory symptoms like fever and cough.
  • If you smoke or vape, consider quitting. Smokers who already have lung disease or reduced lung capacity could be at increased risk of serious illness
  • Following guidance from public health officials.

Please consult with your health care provider about additional steps you may be able to take to protect yourself. Source: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/Immunization/ncov2019.aspx#COVID-19%20by%20the%20Numbers

The crazy part about all of this is people are NOT using common sense, and aren’t protecting themselves and of course still leaving the house without covering their nose and mouth, I am NOT freaking out but I do have to be super careful, I have a toddler and a teen at home, along with my grand-baby who is an infant, the reason why I go out is because my job is essential, which I’m okay with, I’ve been following the recommendations to wear gloves, face mask and washing my hands constantly.

If I didn’t have to work I would gladly stay home, we are here, we are losing people to Covid-19 , we’re hearing stories of people who have been infected, to me the ones that stand out are the ones who are recovering, my contractor share that his in-laws ended up with the virus to the point of being put in a comma, (they live in a different city hasn’t seen them in a month, so we’re good) he was scared, all I can tell him was lets pray in agreement that they will get better (not everyone believes there is a God, I respect that) so a week has gone by, he was able to zoom with nurses at the hospital and they said that the in-laws are recovering they will get to go home in a few days, they have to stay home for an additional 14 days, see if they follow the mandate to stay home they’re going to be fine, but what if they don’t, my question is can they get it again?

The rant: Why don’t we do what we did years ago, when parents encouraged you to go outside and build your immune system by playing in the dirt and hanging out with kids that were sick, how did it change to where we are scared to get sick, we lose thousands of people to aids, the flu but here we are all afraid, how did we get here? I see friends in situations where they are losing their business, their incomes, and it makes me wonder, how long do we stop living and losing to this virus?

I’m just wondering how do we get out of this, so we can get back to work and not lose more than we already have, how do we kill a virus that is not going away?

I will continue to stay home as much as possible and only go outside when needed.

Protecting my neighbors, friends and family is a priority.

Published by Leslie Barber Realtor®

I love the place I call home, I've lived here for over 30 years, and even though we have changed so much we are still a thriving valley! My husband and I have a total of 6 kids together - We love it, I have 3 girls, he has 2 boys and together we made a beautiful baby girl who has been the joy of our lives. My two oldest don't live at home and his boy's come to us whenever they are allowed, my teen daughter and baby are together at home, and they are definitely are enjoying learning from each other. I got into real estate as a side job and I love doing it, I have helped many families find the place they call home and they have always been able to thank me for always being available to meet with or talk with them. I pride myself on being available to each client personally. During these times I take every precaution and leave it up to my clients to decide how they would like to meet, wearing a mask, gloves to make them comfortable it's not a bother at all! How can I help you today?

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