Divorce not the business!

“this is NOT the business”

In 2009 I went through a divorce and had to file for bankruptcy, I lost everything and I had to do things different,. Life isn’t easy and when I experience this loss I was devastated and felt ashamed. Fast forward to 10 years later, I re-married August of 2016. We went through marriage, recovery and financial classes to help us avoid the hurtles in finances, especially, because we as a couple wanted to purchase a home and didn’t want to experience the things we had in our first marriage, due to lack of knowledge.

Today we received keys to our first home together, it took us a total of 5 years (two of those years I had saved $25,000) to come up with the 20% down payment we wanted too, to avoid the extra mortgage insurance premium, our payment for a purchase price of $316,000 with 20% down is $1550 something we can afford and much less than rent in the are were we reside.

The sale was a divorce sale, the sellers couldn’t agree on anything but they gave us an $8,000 discount on the price, they refused to do repairs which we were okay with, when the transfer recorded they left the house dirty and full of stuff they didn’t want to take, for us again, it didn’t matter, however, it reminded me as an agent to make sure no matter what situations we should take time to clean up our property. I know divorce it’s not the business, to this day I hate that it happened, however, I couldn’t avoid it.

Published by Leslie Barber Realtor®

I love the place I call home, I've lived here for over 30 years, and even though we have changed so much we are still a thriving valley! My husband and I have a total of 6 kids together - We love it, I have 3 girls, he has 2 boys and together we made a beautiful baby girl who has been the joy of our lives. My two oldest don't live at home and his boy's come to us whenever they are allowed, my teen daughter and baby are together at home, and they are definitely are enjoying learning from each other. I got into real estate as a side job and I love doing it, I have helped many families find the place they call home and they have always been able to thank me for always being available to meet with or talk with them. I pride myself on being available to each client personally. During these times I take every precaution and leave it up to my clients to decide how they would like to meet, wearing a mask, gloves to make them comfortable it's not a bother at all! How can I help you today?

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