Are you ready to purchase a home?

If you’ve been contemplating purchasing a home and have no idea where to start here is some things I had to do to obtain a home.

  • Save for a down payment
  • Talk to a lender
  • Pay off debt
  • File taxes
  • Get pre qualified
  • Shop for a home
  • Put in an offer

When I first started I had to save money for a 20% down payment because I didn’t want to have a high mortgage payment it took me 5 years to get it together and a lot of budgeting, I had to stop eating out as much as I used too, the first two year I started I was a single mom with three girls, I had gone through a divorce, bankruptcy but the dream of owning a home was something I kept, I was working on saving anything extra that I received from my transactions and only depend on my secure income to live on, after two years, I met my husband now and he too had the same goal to own a house and we started saving together, we finally got the 20% for home.

We met with our lender we got pre qualified and we went shopping for a home below what we got approved for, all of our preparation brought us to a place where we can shop for a house and it took us one weekend to find!

When we opened escrow we were super excited and I can tell you signing the loan documents was the icing on the cake, after all of the obstacles we overcame we finally arrived!!!

It’s an attainable dream , you only need to prepare!

Contact me, I would be more than happy to help you! 760-641-8928

Published by Leslie Barber Realtor®

I love the place I call home, I've lived here for over 30 years, and even though we have changed so much we are still a thriving valley! My husband and I have a total of 6 kids together - We love it, I have 3 girls, he has 2 boys and together we made a beautiful baby girl who has been the joy of our lives. My two oldest don't live at home and his boy's come to us whenever they are allowed, my teen daughter and baby are together at home, and they are definitely are enjoying learning from each other. I got into real estate as a side job and I love doing it, I have helped many families find the place they call home and they have always been able to thank me for always being available to meet with or talk with them. I pride myself on being available to each client personally. During these times I take every precaution and leave it up to my clients to decide how they would like to meet, wearing a mask, gloves to make them comfortable it's not a bother at all! How can I help you today?

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